Voice Control Self-Charge Vacuum Cleaner Robot


This intelligent robot cleaner uses advanced intelligent program control, saving time and effort.

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Smart APP and Voice Controls: After WiFi connection then use Alexa voice commands to START and STOP cleaning. Use the smart app to check cleaning real-time map, customize cleaning, check cleaning status, provide online-service, schedule cleaning, share equipment with familiar and receive error alerts.

All-in-one Water Tank and Dust Box: This robot vacuum cleaner has 0.45 L dust bin, which holds more dirt per clean to reduce the frequency of emptying and 0.25 L water tank, which wet the cloth by dripping the way. And mopping system prevents the hemming, leaving no water streak and water stain at rest. More, this robot vacuum cleaner combines a dual-layer filter to achieve a clean home.

Powerful And Silence Robot Vacuum: With 2000 Pa max suction, this robot cleaner to clean from all floor to carpet. Besides, 2200 mAh battery supports your robot runs for up to 120 minutes after 3.5 hours of charging. And, The robot cleaner seeks automatically the charging dock after it finished or on low battery, More, during the cleaning process, the noise of the product is less than 65 db.

Intelligent Protection Devices For Worry-free Use: Equipped with anti-collision and anti-drop intelligent sensor technology, which guide the smart robot vacuum cleaner navigate around obstacles and avoid to falling down from stairs and edges. Also, built-in IR sensor 15 sets of, improve the product’s ability to avoid obstacles. Besides, collision bar ensures the safety of the cleaner. More, using two super wide off-road wheels and one universal wheel, which easy cross barrier below 15 mm.

Enjoy Smart Cleaning and Hands-Free: Customized cleaning schedule preferences with remote control, make every step under your control. This robotic vacuum cleaner could cooperate with 4 kinds of cleaning modes: automatic cleaning, spot cleaning, edge cleaning and silence cleaning. Its 3.0” low-profile body means the robot vacuum could work on hard-to-reach areas. More, this robot cleaner suitable for hard floors , carpet and so on. And picks up dust, crumbs, and other dirt.

This intelligent robot cleaner uses advanced intelligent program control, saving time and effort.

After connecting to WiFi, this robot can be controlled via app and Alexa Voice. More, this sweeping robot combines sweeping and dragging features for working on floors and carpets And it has super suction at the same time has a variety of cleaning methods: automatic cleaning, Spot cleaning, edge cleaning, silence cleaning, intensive cleaning, to give you a clean and comfortable environment. More, smart chip control can seamlessly navigate from room to room for cleaning without missing out on your home. With intelligent IR receivers and front-end soft bumper protection not only drives robots around obstacles but also better protects furniture. 65db low noise, give you a quiet environment. Also, automatic recharge and appointment cleaning function, more convenient. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or the people you love to free them from the tired cleaning.

If you are looking for such a cleaner robot, don’t hesitate to take it home.

Wi-Fi connectivity, and control by App, Alexa voice and remote control
2-in-1 dust bin and water tank
1500pa super strong suction, can easily pick up pet hair, dusty
Slim design make it suitable work on hard-to-reach areas
Detachable edge brush effectively cleans those corners leaving no hidden dust behind no matter the angle
Ultra-high 2200mAh battery capacity supports cleaning time up to 120min
Noise less than65db, it would never bother you
Anti-drop and anti- collision system driven by infrared induction
Intelligent planning cleaning route to avoid omission and repeated cleaning
A variety of cleaning modes for you to choose from
Two off-road wheels with soft surface would never hurt your floor
This robot vacuum cleaner can easy cross barrier below15mm
2-in-1 versatile robot cleaner can sweeping and mopping
This robot vacuum will recharge automatically, when in low battery
Voice prompt features more user-friendly

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