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This little cute robotic cleaner is an ideal choice for families who want to keep house clean and tidy, which shall save a lot of time and labor.

It can effectively pick up dirt, pet hair and dust from wooden, marble, nylon floors. It can also identify the barriers and then turn round automatically to keep doing the cleaning job, which is quite worry-saving. When it’s on work, it runs automatically around home to absorb any dust.

With this little functional sweeper, a lot of troubles shall be avoided. Just take this fabulous machine home.

High quality and brand new.
Can pick up dirt, dust, and hair from wooden floor, marble floor and nylon floor
Smart green robotic cleaner, can turn automatically when meet barrier
With a handle for convenient carrying
Small size, lightweight and convenient for storage
With a led screen to show the status of battery
Big dust bin capacity: 0.3 l
Easy to clean, all you need to do is to clean the microfiber tissue
Easy operation, can not affected by blockage
Perfect for someone who do not like to sweep the house
Ideal for cleaning the floor, corners and crannies
The cleaner robot runs automatically around home to absorb the dust
And dirt with the microfiber tissue and it can turn direction automatically when meet barrier

Main color: Green
Material: Abs
Voltage 110 v/ac 60 Hz
Overall dimension: 11.3″ x 2.5″(D x H)
Wheel run speed: 1100 rpm
Dust bin capacity: 0.3 l
Lithium battery: 7.2v 2100 mah (included)
Charging time: 3 hours
Working time: 90 minutes
Sweeping width: 9.4″
Product weight: 3 lbs

Package include:
1 x robot cleaner
1 x cable

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