Precision 39 in1 Screwdriver Set Repair Tools Kit Mobile Phone PC Tablet


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Brand new, fine designed
Suitable for the repairing of precise watches,mobile phone,televisions, PDA, PC and other electronic devices
Slipping-resistant handle
Rust resistant
Easy to carry with
High hardness and good toughness
Heat treated steel with nickel plating
Repair your devices such as cell phone and hard drives without damaging them
Can be used for both household and professional use

Weight: 15 OZ
Material of bits: nickel plated steel
Package include:
7 x Inner Hexagon Sleeve:M2.5, M3, M3.5, M4, M4.5, M5, M5.5
9 x Torx Screwdriver: T3,T4,T5,T6,T7,T8,T9,T10,T15
1 x 1.2 Star Screwdriver
1 x 0.8 Star Screwdriver
1 x 1.2 Cross Screwdriver
1 x 1.5 Cross Screwdriver
1 x 2.0 Cross Screwdriver
1 x 3.0 Cross Screwdriver
1 x PH2 Cross Screwdriver
1 x 1.5 Straight Screwdriver
1 x 2.0 Straight Screwdriver
1 x 2.5 Straight Screwdriver
1 x 2.3 Triangle Screwdriver
1 x Y2.0 Screwdriver
1 x U2.6 Screwdriver
2 x Triangle Paddle
1 x Straight Tweezer
2 x Plastic Pry(one big, one small)
1 x SIM Card ejector pin
1 x Handle
2 x Extension Screw Piece
1 x Suction Cup

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