Dyneema 50′ X 1/5″ Synthetic Winch Rope Cable 5000 ATV SUV Recovery Replacement


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Stainless Steel Thimble For Hook Attachment
Comes With Protective Sleeve To Prevent Overheating And Slippage On The Winch Drum
Extremely Light, Floats In Water
Minimal Stretch And Non Rotational
Stronger Than Traditional Steel Cables
Easy To Handle, No Sharp Frays
Easily Spliced
Good Resistance To UV And Chemicals
Workable Below -20 Degree Centigrade
It Floats And In An Emergency You Can Tie A Knot Into It. Knots Do Weaken It But If You Perform A Long Splice At A Break, It’s As Good As New. All These Elements Make It The Choice Of Competition Off Road Vehicles Everywhere!

Orange 50′ X 1/5″ Synthetic Winch Rope
Breaking Strength: 5000 Lbs.
5mm Diameter X 15M Length
Length Of The Black Sheath: 1.5 M
Package Included:1 X Synthetic Rope

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Weight 11 kg


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