Cash Drawer Box Works Compatible Epson POS Printers w/5Bill &5Coin Tray


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Come with RJ11 cable, plug for connection to receipt printers
Drawer made from robust Steel
Standard-duty, Speedy&Reliable Cash Drawer
3-Position Key lock
Coin and bill tray made of plastic (5 Bills and 5 coins)
The 3 coin trays or the whole tray is removable

 Material: Metal and plastic
Color: Black
Metal cash drawer with heavy-duty ball bearing rollers
Size of the 5 bill trays: 58mm x 1、70mm x 2、75mm x 1、80mm x 1
Durability: 2000000 operations
Interface: RJ11 Receipt Printer
Output: 12VDC / 24VDC
Size: 16.5’’ x 16’’ x 3.5’’(L x W x Depth)
Thickness of foot pad: 1/2 inch
Package include: 1 X Cash drawer with RJ11 cable, 1 X Bill Tray, 1 x 5 Coins compartments (3 of 5 are removable), 2 x keys.
1.This cash drawer can only be connected with POS pinter directly. If you use laptop or other devices, a converter box is required.
2. Please keep the keys safely since the key is one for one. If it is lost or damaged, please contact us for a replacement, which will cost nearly 20-25 business days.

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