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This digital incubator which can accommodate up to 96 eggs is ideal for home incubating or educational activities.
The incubator features temperature control and automatic turning, which can help hatch chicken, dove, duck, goose or other eggs within 5” tall. If you want to hatch larger eggs under 5.25”, just remove the egg turner. It’s quite simple to operate.
The transparent base and 4 viewing windows make it easier to observe. This hatcher can provide and control some essential data during hatching process. Made of quality PVC, the incubator is easy to clean. Equipped with a digital display, it will show you important data such as current temperature, humidity and hatching day. There are temperature and humidity alarms if out of settled range.
This incubator features a built-in fan which can circulate air-flow for even temperature and humidity. It also has built-in water channels and a see-through channel to see water levels and check out eggs without opening the lid. Equipped with a water bottle, you can add water accurately and conveniently through water injection hole.
The egg incubator with a chic feeder and a water feeder is perfect for incubating lessons and demonstrations.
Brand new and high quality
Can accommodate 96 eggs
Transparent base and 4 viewing windows for visibility during hatching
Perfect for incubating lessons and demonstrations
Upgraded PVC material
Easy to clean
Digital display shows current temperature, humidity and hatching day
Temperature and humidity alarm (if out of settled range)
With built-in fan, water channels and see-through channel
With a water bottle for adding water accurately and conveniently
Automatic system: automatic temperature control, automatic egg turner, automatic alarm
Included food and water feeders for newborn chickens

Color: Yellow
Material: ABS+PP
Egg capacity: 96 standard chicken eggs within 5” tall
Overall dimension: 19” x 18.5” x 14.6” (L x W x H)
Height of each layer: 5.5’’
Auto turner: Yes
Package includes: 1 x egg Incubator, 1 x chick feeder, 1 x water feeder, 1 x water fill bottle, 2 x egg trays, 1 x instruction
1. Please make sure your eggs are fertilized.
2. Please test your unit for the first time according to the instruction before incubation.
3. In winter, the temperature outside is too low so the hatching needs to process indoors. And some foam is necessary to keep the environment warm for better hatching.
4. During different incubating process, the temperature and humidity are various. Please refer to the recommended temperature and humidity per instruction and consider the outer temperature. The recommended temperature setting in the beginning is 37.6 degrees Celsius.
5. The temperature setting is Celsius but not Fahrenheit degree.
6. Please don’t open the lid when the chicks start to hatch in order not to lose the humidity, which will affect the hatching effect.

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