Professional Electric Shoe Polisher Machine


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This shoe polishing machine which will buff and shine your shoes professionally is suitable for all types of shoes and will clean your shows quickly and easily.
With one cleaning brush and one polishing brush, you will have easiest access to have your shoes taking on a brand new look. The automatic sensor system will help you free your hands while getting your shoes away from stubborn stains. It is convenient to use for home, shops, hotels, meeting rooms, offices.
Pratical and convenient, This shoe polisher machine is a machine suitable for the home, in hotel, home, office. Don’t hesitate to buy it!
Brand new and high quality
2 cleaning brush and polishing brushes
Polish dispenser and polish tank
Metal hand bar
Automatic sensor system
Instruction manual included

Overall dimensions: 14.5″ x 8.2″ x 12.9″
Weight: About 15.4 lbs
Power supply: 110 v
Rated frenquency: 60 hz
Motor rotational speed: 800-1300rpm
Power rating: 100-120w
Polish tank volume: 100 ml

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