Outdoor Retractable Round Rattan Canopy Cushioned Furniture Set


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This is outdoor patio canopy daybed, which is of high quality.
It is 5pieces rattan furniture set, including 1 round footstool, 2 fan-shaped footstools, 2 fan-shaped lounge chairs,4 throw pillows, 5 seat cushions, 1 canopyand2 gas poles. This furniture set is an ideal product for your daily life and leisure time. It has comfortable beige seat cushions that are water resistant and throw pillows. When you sit on the footstool or lounge chair, you will feel very cozy and delightful. This furniture set can also be set up together as a large round bed, on which you can lie and have a relax. And the canopy will offer you a wonderful shelter. How relaxing it is!
Made of rattan and iron, the furniture set is really sturdy and durable. Come and buy one!
High quality and brand new
Including 1 round footstool, 2fan-shaped footstools, 2fan-shaped lounge chairs,4 throw pillows, 5 seat cushions,1 canopyand2 gas poles
Water-proof beige seat cushions
Comfortable throw pillows
Retractable andflexible
Useful and practical canopy
Durable and sturdy materials
Increase yourliving comfort

Color of rattan: Mix brown
Color of cushion: Beige
Material of furniture set: Rattanand iron
Material of cushion: Polyester fabric and cotton
Size of round footstool: 22.8″ x 11.8″(Diameter x Height)
Size of fan-shaped footstools: 45.3″ x 23.6″ x 11.8″(L x W x H)
Size of fan-shaped lounge chairs: 70.9″ x 36.2″ x 31.1″(L x W x H)
Package include:
1 x round footstool
2 x fan-shaped footstools
2 x fan-shaped lounge chairs
4 x throw pillows
5 x seat cushions
1 x canopy

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