2 Gallon Vacuum Chamber and 3 CFM Single Stage Pump Degassing Silicone Kit


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This vacuum chamber and pump kit is perfect for degassing urethane, silicones, epoxies, stabilize wood, extracting essential oils from organic materials.

This is a heavy duty vacuum chamber which is perfect for removing gases from compounds. Equipped with a clear lid and  built-in valve and gauge ,this vacuum chamber allows you to see air being vacuumed out of your resin mix clearly and it is easy to use and maintenance. Besides, it comes with an vacuum pump that makes it definitely the best choice for you.

It is high time to buy this special kit to get degassing job done easily. Just take this wonderful kit home.
3 CFM single stage vacuum
Brand new and high quality
High efficiency and low noise
Heavy-duty aluminum alloy casing
Preventing oil-returning
Direct drive motor allowing easy starting
Oil sight glass for monitoring oil levels
With oil drain plug positioned at bottom of oil reservoir
Internal high volume cooling fan for extended use
Exhaust port with exhaust cap
Non slip cushion handle
2 gallons chamber
Brand new and high quality
Solid stainless steel construction
Crystal glass lid allows you to see inside clearly
Heat cured silicone gasket
Glycerin filled industrial gauge
5 foot steel wire collapse-proof hose
50 micron air filter reduces air flow back
Durable brass fittings
Non stick silicone pad

3 CFM single stage vacuum
Voltage: 110/60 Hz
Flow rate: 3 cfm
Ultimate vacuum: 5 pa
Rpm: 1720 rpm
Power: 1/4 hp
Inlet port: 1/4” flare
Oil capacity: 220 ml
Weight: 13.9 lbs
2 gallons chamber
Overall dimensions: 9 3/5″ x 8 3/5″(L x H)
Inside diameter: 7 3/5″
Main material: Stainless steel
Hose connector: 1/4″ sae
Chamber max temp: 159ºf
Silicone pad size: 4 3/5″ x 4 3/5″(L x W)

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